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13 August 2009 @ 01:01 am
Chemlab and more retro out in November  
I’ve got an itch that seldom gets scratched enough, a nasty, brewing little thing, a hive of jaundiced fester leavened with irritation and splinters.

It’s true though that I’ve found a venting hole. By the end of the year I’ll be releasing a limited edition retrospective disc. It’s a disc whose tastes will be spectrally broad, to say the least. Since the contentious fling that produced the mistreated hellion Oxidizer, I’ve cast my whiskey-growl across many projects as well as engaged in the irreligious fluid-exchange of writing records, but nothing has really been given the chance to properly shrink from the light of the cameras. I’ve been stretched between many magnetic poles: creativity jousting with the delight of fatherhood, my rewarding civilian gig raging against sleep. There are equally as many doors as there are walls. This is the beast we’ve chosen to love. The buckshot of all this is, that never has there been a time when I’ve been able to release everything that I want, nor half of what exists. So, in feeble aid of reparations and restitution, I’m putting together a cascade of spatters, tatters and hacked-off hands and feet.

Called “FEAST OF BURNT RAM”, this strange collection will be available in late November. It will feature CHEMLAB demo material from earlier, some PRUDE (yes, it really is coming out), tracks from the band with Plastic called REPEAT-DELETE, some PEACH OF IMMORTALITY off of the impossible-to-find second record, some scratchy broken word pieces with guests and a host of other tracks I’ve sung on that haven’t gotten enough exposure. This collection casts a jaundiced eye backwards and allows for some lost material to find a port. It also leads people down the wrong path towards the PRUDE disc, the new CHEMLAB recordings and REPEAT-DELETE that’ll soon muddy the waters.

FEAST will be released by the tiny, yet tenacious, Welt Muzik (www.weltmuzik.com), the label with little metal teeth. They’re brigands and couldn’t care less about the status quo. Enthusiastic and determined, they’re a breath of fresh air to counter the malicious inactivity the last callous fisting I endured. As with all of my releases presently, I’m only interested in doing small numbers, so it’ll be limited. Though there’s nothing much at the Welt Muzik site right now there will be by this weekend, the 15th of Summer. Glide on by and get yourself listed. We want to be sure we know where you are, like the cops. When it comes time to send out links for free tracks, special packages, event invites, remix requests, limited edition merch, ‘inner-views’, dissections and show announcements we’ll want to know how to track you down. We’re busy building a select community and we want to make sure that you’re there, if this is what turns your switch. If not, please exit through the door to your left that’s marked “100-foot Drop”.

Here’s the lump of greasy bacon swinging from the rusty hook: the actual hard-copy disc will be released in late November, however there will be lots to play with before that. Over the next few weeks there will be various CHEMLAB remixes coming out into the open. They’ll emerge from a range of strange sources and odd creatures, twitching and flailing. I promise nothing but disorder. There will also be on-line give-aways of tour merch, stickers and other torn frocks. They will appear at the Welt Muzik site as well as the hydrogenbar. Another revamp of the corpse, anyone? Eventually, you’ll be able to get pretty much the whole FEAST disc through both sites for free. Yes, we’re doing the string-free Modern Dance too, and, no, we won’t be changing you for it. What we will be doing though is charging to get the actual disc. It’ll feature selections that you can’t get on-line as well as artwork from down the years. I’ll smear it myself with Dylan’s robot fluids for you collectors. I’ve got some in a jar in the freezer. No, really.

Jackson Pollock said; “new needs need new techniques”. The music business is a new need and we need new techniques to insert our stain. In this foreign environment I don’t expect to sell like I used to. But frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. That’s no longer the point of the lance. I’m going to release records that excite me, challenge me and allow a broader range of motion to hit things with. I also want to ensure that the fans who put up with my abrasions and whiplash alterations in course so well for so long get some exclusive slices of the weirdness that’s coming. I’ll be posting a lot on all of the sites including www.twitter.com/chemlab and updates will be all over the place. I’m also about to set up a CHEMLAB Facebook page, so stay plugged.

Come out of the doorway, baby. Now we get it on in the light.
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