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02 August 2009 @ 01:01 am
new video!  
You didn’t want to miss a thing, so you never ever tried to stop and think.


This is another one of the flikkers I’ve been catching recently as Plastic and I work through the massive pile of scratchy buzzes, hums, static and feedback that’s making up the blast sites of the Prude record and the material that he and I are doing together.

This track’s called “Kings Of The Republic Of Nowhere”. It’s about the guys that I grew up with in my old neighborhood and how they never really made it out in one piece. That was ages ago, back before there was anything except raw electricity, back when I was elastic in ways that I never appreciated, back in the days when there were no car wrecks, no blackout or broken promises, no heaven or hell, just the asphalt beneath my sneakers.

It’ll be appearing in mutated shape in two different places, cloned from the same blown cell. The flikker version of the track will be on the solo disc that Plastic and I are doing. The band hasn’t quite got a final name yet though it may well rest beneath the tattered flag of REPEAT/DELETE. The song will also be in the company of “collapsed paper stars” which is here in case you missed it:

The record’s called “The Future Was Then”, a collection of songs from the hole on Side One and then more experimental shreds and shards on Side Two. “Kings” is Side One and “collapsed” is Two, just so you can get your magnetic bearings. Plastic and I will be releasing a series of records called The Speed Trials and they’ll all sluice through Welt. They’ll all be limited edition releases though in the end they might find their way out into the stream on disc properly.

The other place that “Kings” will live out its strange life is on the Prude record. Yes, the Prude record. It’ll sound much altered from here, battered and distorted, but still the same at its air-collision core. Might be the last track of the record as it’s a nearly perfect last track. Just right to send the last bullet into the jaw and turn off the lights on the way out the blackened bore on the other side.

At this stage of the game, we’ve got no idea who might be releasing the Prude disc. It looks like the REPEAT/DELETE record will actually come out before it. I’m pleased to say that, for the time being, I seem to have stumbled into a little love affair of darkness and utter weirdness with the label that’ll be releasing the records. The label, Welt Muzik (www.weltmuzik.com although there’s nothing there right now except the holder), is leeringly captained by a demented alley cat who’s torched through many of his nine lives but still manages to soldier on. Syringe’n’gun toting Energizer demon with little metal teeth.

Getting into bed with any other label would feel like setting me up for a million dollar wound, getting the rib spreaders out for the fatal incision, but for the time being working with Welt feels like it could be a good thing. The label’s only just starting to get its sea legs and is filled with the balls and anarchic “fuck the system” attitude that other underground labels only dream of. There’s a string of weird records coming out and a host of cool fuckers associated with it and that’s profoundly exciting, so I’m digging it right now.

More noise coming.
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