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05 May 2009 @ 03:03 am
jared and plastic recording new material  

this is the first of a series of off-the-cuff docu-clips shot while plastic and i write music for a collection of releases we're creating. they're shot in the studio in the in-drawn breath between the Prude record heading to production and the Chemlab disc taking flight.

this flikker's a hand-held spatter snared during the SH101 haze-layering for the song "collapsed paper stars" taken at Plastic Fantastic Studios, London, 2009. the camera recording's raggedly ambient. the track itself is raw, vocals painfully un-effected. all clearly nowhere near the production stage, yet it signposts at least where the b-side of the record's going to head.

the a-side will be more direct in indirect ways, more driving, rock, 70s electronic, backwards, built to play to the holes between the notes.

plastic and i are currently living without a name somewhere just outside of the light. though we'll gain a name and a public face, i expect that we'll never really enter the circle of light others live in.

at the moment, like us, the disc's also untitled though it might become "Electronically Yours".
don't quote me.

this record's the first in a series that plastic and i are releasing. they'll also come out in quick succession, if it all goes the way we want. each release will be a limited edition. once they're gone, they're gone, each one engineered for quick disappearance. they'll each be approached differently, probably incorporating other musicians at different points along the way. stylistically i've no idea where we'll go and that's dead exciting.

we'll be keeping the pressing for this first one minimal, almost certainly no more than a few hundred copies for sale at most. many reasons for this, not the least of which is that the series will be a time-intensive labor of love.
for this first release each one of the covers will be hand-made by us. the artwork will range across the map of styles and concepts, some will have inserted objects. others not. what you get will be dictated by the luck (or misfortune, if you get the pulled teeth, or the blood bag) of the roulette wheel's spin.
they'll all be numbered and signed, and though some may be akin to others, none of them will be alike.
no promos, no, gimmes, no review copies, no reservations. no waiting.
we're tired of waiting.

release date will be announced soon. check the street corners:

and recently allowed to run naked down the avenue:

there'll be myspace/facebook/twitter soon, and the above will alert about the below.

we'll also capture other random segments of the recordings as seems fit and may be releasing variant aspects of the record. some better. none worse. how could they be?

and if this track isn't to your taste, try the next one. it'll be something 'other'.
now, pull the pin, count and wait for the explosion: one mississippi, two mississippi, three ..
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