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05 May 2009 @ 02:23 am
Hymn For The Feral, Selfish Gene!  
the attendant frustrations attached to the Altered Statesmen record are legion.
it continually boggles my mind that somehow i've managed to stumble into one of those Twilight Zone episodes where a band can't get their record untangled from the tentacles arrayed against them.

finally, despite all efforts to sustain it, the record shudders and vents its dying breath.

from then on it simply floats aimlessly out in space, joining the staggering collection of unloved, unnecessary, unconnected, undesirable orbiting space trash left behind as part of an ever-growing ring of rubbish girdling the Earth. left to float un-tethered, never to dock, no beacon to beckon. its last lights soon to die out in the super-silent chill.

as far as i can tell though "the death of radio mars" is the quintessence of the selfish gene.
it has mutated and figured out how to stay alive.
out there.
in the ever-expanding ring of detritus and jettisoned flotsam, shining luridly in the chromium haze of deep space.

and so, this is where it can be found and where it shall live out its days.
it's a fitting home for such a chimeric album. i raise my glass to it, toasting longevity.
out there.

Long live the selfish gene!!

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Jester: Noiseferretninja on May 5th, 2009 04:24 pm (UTC)
This may seem like a silly moot after the fact offer, but I relaunched my label in 2008 as a digital only endeavor. I would be happy to 'release' Altered Statesmen so that it would at least show up on legitimate digital download sites for fans who want to pay for it.